Movies About Travel That Have Become Famous

Many of us watch many travel movies only to relax knowing that we will experience the exotic places we see in the movies. There are many such movies made but not all of them are true. Here is a list of some movies on Travel that have become famous and have done justice to the area and to us as well. It’s a kind of summary that may help you to decide if you want to watch a movie or not.

The adventurous Priscilla, famous for her long legs and the springy swimsuit that she wears, lunges and jumps into the pool. The willing swimmer staggers slightly but does not fall, tripping on her way back up to the top. Priscilla wants to get to the top even though she is panting, soaked, and trails drooling from her gorgeous blonde bob. The supermarket cashier refuses to help, saying that she has to put her customers first and then her customers, and her boss (a beefy man) secondly. ButHelp is on the way! someone calls from the office. Yes, it is true, departments were merged in the year 2007, when the help of each department was transferred to the other.helpems to be going to all the right places.

Many movies about travel in exotic locations use photography, location, and sets to accurately depict the location.

Here’s a few you should watch on Travel:

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:starring Tom Hanks andpelling John C. Ryan. A nearly identical story of a Christmas alternate reality in 2099 Connecticut. When the title of the movie was changed, “Christmas Vacation” became a catchall term for a romanticized version of travel destinations, like the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico. This movie was a lighthearted romantical about two brothers who go to Cancun to take in their grandparents’ home. When they arrive, their clothes are trampled by enthusiasticHouse sitters. When the brothers realize they are naked, they run into the nearest house to ask for directions to find a wardrobe mirror. Much like the other SitComs of the 1970s, this irreverent movie was great for kids because of the wacky adventures the characters engage in.

friedman on Miami Beach:starring Ben Stiller and Rolling Stone magazine. A gritty dramatic film no one should miss. This film about the Miami Vice (during the late eighties and early nineties) is set in the Miami Beach in the proximity of the crack-smoking hippies and the beautiful people willing to get as much hair as they could. bloody crack pipes, balaclava, and shades provided a serious seventies make-up look. If you get a chance to see this film, you will understand the feeling.

Ghostbusters movie:starring Bill Murray and Harold Hamm after they revive a ghost town. The film is ghost busting in the year 2099 and the main characters try to find a way to bring order to this new area of Miami.

Born Free film:starring Jayson Nero and Charlise Theron. This film is set in the year 2005 and tells the story of a gorilla, who is forced to live in adult prison after being rejected by his mother. Nero and Theron don historical costumes and take on the roles of mother and child.

Honey, I Shrunk the City:starring Zooey Deschanel and Sam Wineberry. This comedy/adventure film is set in the year 2003 and follows the exploits of Zooey Deschanel and Sam Wineberry.

500 Days of Summer:starring Adam Scott and Hillary Clinton. This romantic thriller/comedy was considered too expensive at the time of its release but it turned out to be one of the best movies of the year. It tells the story of a couple struggling to survive after their (not so) comfortable life gets thrown into a state of confusion, all because they are too cheap to afford a vacation.