Roldeath – A Center of Activities

On Sunday, the 4th of October, tourists and travelers will be welcomed by the presence of one of the biggest carnival celebrations in Asia. The Mae Hong Son Pagoda Caves and the Roldeath Buddha Cave are opened to tourists. Over 2.500 Buddhist statues are made from jade.

A relatively new pagoda style temple has been built along the river in the region and naturally, it is a very beautiful sight. This pagoda is contiguous with the Roldeath and Mae Hong Son Pagoda Caves. There are nine stories above the caves, with an observation deck and a triple crown support structure.

Theren still maintains a sleep accommodation option for tourists. The Ch avocado Hotel is among the top rated in Vietnam, and the rooms are truly worth the money. Theren is definitely the place for those who are looking for a certain kind of luxury in a hostel accommodation environment.

Hostelling allows young people the opportunity to stay at a hostel, in the comfort of their own room. Ideal for University students looking for a low budget boarding school atmosphere as well as families, who demand affordability while enjoying an Pack-a-Patter atmosphere. Hostels offer a chance to meet people from all over the world, learn about their countries and cultures and gain a practical understanding of another’s culture.

One very popular hostel is the Mid West Hostel ( located just outside of the city centre, proudly located at the Mid West Quarter mark. Mid West Hostel offers a comfortable accommodation in the form of 12 rooms, a shared bathroom, parking, pub and more. Amenities include TV and Departure Times for both departure and arrival.

Another hostel which ranks among the top 3 in Vietnam, was built outside the city. The Gemun OK is a 5-star resort hotel which features an onsite spa, outdoor pool, gym and numerous restaurants.

Perched on top of a hill, the gingly-decorated and jewel-filled Gemun Palace simply exudes power and elegance. The comfortable and spacious rooms come in natural light trends and shades, with marble floors. Some of the luxuries offered in the palace are Gym, Turkish Bath,Supex Spa and Cybil Spa.

The hotel is Best Western- Hotel Best Western, ( a brand name for a chain of hotels operating throughout Vietnam. The hotel’s excellent facilities, ambience and deals make it an ideal base from which to explore the great city.

Vietnam’s floating Bai Thuy Mountains is a paradise, ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Take a day to enjoy the serene beauty of the waters as they lap the still waters along rice-fields.

Visit the ancient capital Hanoi. Renowned as a centre of creativity and arts, the city is known for its vibrant street life and buzzing markets. It is the perfect setting for a relaxing break; a mix of ancient and modern.

Stay in a floating hotel.Thonburi, the city of floating islands is a must-see. The whole city is like a museum in itself, with its lovely white buildings and villages well-preserved into the olden times. Thonburi is also a gateway to the ‘ Mekong Delta’ which offers many tours for adventure lovers and ideal for travellers who like to get active.

Eat at the ‘ floating restaurants ‘

A major feature in the floating restaurants is the popular ‘ Floating Restaurant ‘ which offers spectacular scenery and ambience. White tablecloth, windows that look out on the peaceful lagoon, are the only words that truly describe the ambience that defines this restaurant.Freshly caught fish decorations and a delicious Thai-style breakfast.