Traveling and Transfers

Traveling requires paperwork. A passport is required. You have to request an immigrant visa. There are several other documents you will probably need. documentation as well as a very expansive VisaHistory. Some very important information regarding visas is that you need to be able to prove to the U.S. Consulate Office that you will be leaving the country within two months or you may not be able to stay.

You don’t want to let one fall off your list. You may need a letter from your employer in order to remain in the United States. employment letter from the US Department of Labor should be sufficient. Other documentation may include your ESL visa or employer’s letter. Be sure to plan extra time if you have to go on a trip.

You may need a letter from your doctor regarding you becoming ill and need a letter from your physician regarding you returning to the United States. These are just two examples of the different types of documentation you may need.

You must apply in person. The application process can take up to two weeks. Even though you apply in person, your written affadewill be approved up to six months prior to the expiration date of your visa. The State Department web site has useful information regarding the various visa requirements and the pathways through which you can apply. Consider this information in light of the need to travel to Canada and Mexico.

There are several categories of nonimmigrant visas, some of which are more lengthy than others. The type of visit you intend to make as part of your travels is part of the classification. The dealer’s visit visa is for short term, business visas are for longer term visits.

8514. Visas for a immediate or long-term stay in the United States

If you intend to visit the United States for the purpose of exploring, visiting, or working, then you may apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

This category includes tourists who plan to remain in the United States for longer than six months, business travelers who may also require a letter of invitation from a company in the United States and members of an official business group. Tourist Visas are issued for a two-week period.

These visas are stamped on the passport. Third country (railway) visa are linked to a Amtrak-issued ticket. The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website provides further detail.

Air Travel

If you require airline travel from a place other than the United States, you must apply for a Non-immigrant Visa, provide information and documents, and pay the appropriate fees. These apply only to individual travelers. Clubs, social organizations, and labor organizations do not qualify. For the short stay visitor, the information from the Embassy of the United States in the country you plan to visit is valid.

You may be eligible for a Tourist Visa and possibly even a Short Stay Business Visa, if you will be traveling to the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, Panama, and Canada. These will require a letter from the organization that represents U.S. interests in that country. There are serious penalties for sanctuary and non-optional organizations.

The passport of a citizen of the United States is required when you apply for a visa for any of the Caribbean, Mexican, Bermuda, Central or South America, as well as the Caribbean islands.

At the port of entry to the United States, you must produce the following: your valid passport, two recent pictures, forms of photo identification (such as a driver’s license) and any applicable visa. You can submit the application in person or get an agent to do it for you at a port of entry.