Ten Essential Things to Do When You Visit Mozambique

Mozambique is a country recovering from a long and bloody civil war. As such, those who wish to visit it should take all necessary precautions to ensure safety. In turn, this will foster the traveler’s enjoyment of Mozambique’s natural beauty and rustic lifestyle.

1.) Bazaruto Archipelago

Located some 30 kilometers off the coast from Vilanculos, this group of four islands is in the middle of a national park established in 1971. It is an excellent spot for all sorts of water activities. Dive and explore its rich marine wildlife or grab a reel and go for some championship fly fishing in the surf. Transportation to and from the Bazaruto islands is through boat or aircraft.

2.) Inhambane

Established in 1534 by Portuguese traders, Inhambane has crystal-clear waters and gorgeous reefs. It is known as a mecca for divers and fishermen. It is also an important port destination for sea travelers and is the site of a yearly dhow race, held every November, which is very popular and attracts large groups of onlookers.

3.) Vilanculos

This town serves as the nominal capital of Mozambique. It is a relatively small town, so as to avoid attracting too much attention. Vilankulo Bay has a lovely beach and a number of islands and is considered a center of island life. Water sports and excellent sea-sports facilities are available to visitors.

4.) Maputo

The capital of Mozambique, formerly known as Lourenco Marques and Delagoa Bay, is a scenic and popular tourist spot. Take a stroll along the wide, tree-lined avenues and wander among the many shops, bars, and restaurants. Take a boat ride and gaze out on the sea from the deck of a coastal light house.

5.) Inhaca Island

Reached via ferry from Maputo harbor, Inhaca is a small island connected to the main island by a series of tunnels. Visit the museum and Shaolin Temple. Scuba dive and explore the wrecks of ships that ran aground during the 17th century.

6.) Maputo Elephant Reserve

South of the capital is this conservancy park, which occupies some 200,000 hectares and is rapidly being developed and improved. The park offers diverse biodiversity, tropical forests, beaches and swamps. Several festivals promote the reserve’s unique flora and fauna and draw many visitors.

7.) Ponta do Ouro

The Point of Gold is a small island near Sofala that draws many visitors and is an excellent place to snorkel and relax. The island is about a 1 mile oval and is surrounded by coral reefs. Signaling towers dot the island and are a nice way to spot wildlife.

8.) controlled burn

Eighty percent of all timber is controlled by the state in Mozambique. Until it is destroyed, this timber serves for the timber industry, which is critical to the survival of the forests and animals. View this and more at the Tusks and Cheops Nature Trail.

9.) Comercie Olive Oil

The mechanical digger that opened in 1912 is the pride of any trip to this country. The world-class diving and snorkeling tours features people getting their noses into the smell of the virgin olive oil. The town of Esaiatu makes a wonderful place to stop for lunch and to wander around the corner and into the olive groves.

10.) Gorom-Gorom

The tourist spot in Mozambique is the mountaintop top of a volcano named Gorom-Gorom. From the top, one can see breathtaking views of the southern shores and therand Fishmarket. It is a nature lover’s paradise and a place for those who want to truly get close to nature. Wine and cheese are produced here and the surrounding regions are known for their excellent products.

Enjoy Gorom-Gorom yourself!